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I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU FOR CREATING THIS BLOG! I am a huge KVD fan, I love her art and the person she is and the fact that you're here to provide us with beautiful pics and info is just awesome! :)

these words just made me happy :) glad you like my blog <3 

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Kat’s new tattoo

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"Last night I ran into my first and probably only true Love I ever had: James. Fell in love when I was 14 and moved across the country on a greyhound bus together. Wild three years. I started tattooing (and getting tattooed) at that time. I got this “J” tattoo on my ankle back then..my first tattoo. It was done using a ghetto-ass home-made rig hooked up to a 9volt battery at a friends house. I still have it and still love it, even though it physically lasted longer than the relationship. And I have absolutely no regrets about it, and what it meant (and means) to me. What a gift."

—Kat Von D’s Twitter
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Happy Silly Birthday wishes to my fantastic chum,@thekatvond! It’s been a delight knowing you, since our wee little bebe years! Cheers to many more. Xoxox!!!! ✨💖🎂✨ (via sprig_leaf 2014.03.08)

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Happy Birthday, Kat Von D!

I discovered Kat Von D in 2007. I was a fan of love-metal band HIM. So when I joined to internet empire, I found an US version of Killing Loneliness. Oh well I fell in love w you from the first seconds I saw you. After this I decided to know more about you haha & found your show. You may don’t know, but one russian channel showed the first two seasons of LA Ink here. I don’t watch TV often & I was watching it online :D then I started to watch TLC US online & also I’ve to thank you for my English :D (it’s still bad as you can see, but I can say, my teacher was bad, so I learnt it from you & music :D). Every day I was falling in love w you more & more. You’re so incredible.

Actually, I’ve said it many times before, but I’ve my personal twitter account because of you :D I follow you since 2009 and damn, I was so scared to write you something, because i was thinking “She won’t notice me, I’m just a fan + I don’t know English at all. Why does she need to reply me?” Haha. But I still remember how I finally tweet you & you replied me after three days. I thought “Wow, this women read all tweets from her followers”. I was soooo happy haha. Me as a girl from small town somewhere in Russia didn’t expected that at all.

Now, after 7 years, I still love you.. love you for what you are. You deserve all the good thing in your life. No, you deserve the whole world!
I’ve become a different person. I wasn’t bad or smth like that, just want to say, I was growing with you ;). Past few years was really dark for me & now it’s still dark, but a little lighter . Why do i say it all the time? Because you’re make me feel alive :D Because you show me, i’ve to enjoy my life even if it’s black or white. Because nothing lasts forever. Life is hard when you worry about everything. And you’re such an amazing. Please, don’t be sad. Never. Your smile is everything. By the way, i started to drawing again. You make me feel i can do anything.

I’ve never meet you, but i hope i will one day! Because i seriously need to hug you!

I want to wish you a happiest of birthday, darling! Wish all the best for YOU. May there always be good people. I’m so proud of you & i can’t wait to listen your album. I’m sure it’ll one of my fave albums of all time. You become the best at everything you does & you put the heart to everything. You work to make a real things. Thank you for everything you do and thank you for your support. It means a lot. I wish you to gain new achievements because perfection has no limits. I wish you also more inspiration. You changed me in more ways you could ever imagine you’ve been there with me when nobody else was (even if you didn’t knpw about it :D).

"Kat Von D" is not just a name or brand for me, Kat Von D takes a special place in my heart <3

I’ll always be here for you.

From the bottom of my heart.

Alina. xx

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